717 tourneys


OFFICIAL Indoor Tourney Rules

Tournament Format

Each team is guaranteed three games. Teams will have three pool play games. The top 2 teams will play a fourth game for the Tournament Championship.

Player age eligibility: the cutoff date for eligibility will be 4/30/2022. Example, player would only be 9u eligible if he was 9 years old on 4/30/2022.  

Scores will be updated in Tourney Machine (free app available) throughout the tournament.

Team Check-in

●      Teams should briefly check in one hour before their first game of the day at the tournament director stand. Teams must email their roster to info@717tourneys.com

●      Warmups will be located on the field as assigned before the team’s first game of the day. Teams will be given a 15 minute warm up period prior to their game.  Please be courteous and share space if needed!

Game Rules

●      Game time: Time limit will be 1 hour 15 minutes, finish the inning.

●      The championship game will be 1 hr 30 minutes (finish the inning).

●      Pool games may end in a tie. Elimination games must have a winner (international tie breaker, if needed).

●      Mercy rules in effect: 12 runs after 3 innings; 8 runs after 4 innings.  Beginning in the fourth inning if any team is losing by 15 runs the game is immediately over.  

●      Teams may bat an unlimited lineup in all games. Extra hitters (offensive only) may be listed as EH.

●      Free defensive substitutions are allowed in all games.

●      Courtesy runners may be used for pitcher or catcher.

●      No balks until 11U and above

●      46’ Pitching, 60’ bases for 8U-10U, 50′ Pitching, 70′ bases for 11U-12U

●      No dropped third strike (batter is automatically out) for 8U-10U, dropped third strike is in play for 11U-12U

●      Runners may advance on a passed ball – but may not score on a passed ball at 8U-9U, all ages 10U & above runners may advance at their own risk.

●      9U/10U must wait until the ball crosses the plate to leave the base (46’ 60). First violation is a warning and after that they will be called out. 11U/12U runners may advance at their own risk at anytime.

●      Bat restrictions: Must be any bat with 1.15 BPF.

●      Optic Yellow Baseballs are used for a better experience

●      Intentional walks allowed (called by coach, pitcher does not need to throw).

●      Ejections: Game of infraction plus the team’s next 717 Tourney’s tournament game.

●      Protests: Head umpire’s ruling is final. Calls on the field may not be protested to the tournament director.

●      All teams must respect umpires, opponents, and fields.

●      Sportsmanship between spectators, players, coaches, and umpires is expected always.

●      Not covered in the rules: The tournament director or UIC will make the fairest decision, which will be final.


YMCA Fieldhouse Rules

●      Field of play dimensions for the field is approximately 180’x180′

●      A batted ball that hits the upper netting is in play and live.  The ball will be played where the ball lands.  If the ball lands in foul ground it is a foul ball.  

●      Any ball hit that hits the back wall netting in the air is a home run.

●      A throw that gets stuck in the netting is considered out of play – runners advance one base


Pitching Rules:

There is no innings or pitch limit but we ask that coaches use good discretion in the use of their pitchers. 


●      Seeding is determined by record after pool play.

●      Results will be tracked in the Tourney Machine App.

●      Tie Breakers:

o Head to Head (only if two teams are tied by record)

o Runs Against

o Runs Scored

o Coin flip

Team Warmup Info

●      Each team will have warmup space: teams will have 15 minutes prior to their game to warmup.  Teams must bring their own tees and baseball for warmups. Do not leave equipment behind.  

Facility Information

Rubber Molded Cleats or Turf Shoes/Sneakers ONLY are allowed on our turf playing surfaces.

Spectator seating is available outside the playing area and there are bleachers in the observation deck, located above the playing field.  

Only coaches, athletes, and scorekeepers are permitted in team bench areas.