717 tourneys


Showcase Rules

 717 Tourneys – Tournament Rules

All players need to be dressed in a full baseball uniform. Duplicate numbers are strongly discouraged, but in the event they exist, the team must report and get approval by the tournament field director and announced at the pre-game meeting with both head coaches prior to the start of the game.Bat Restrictions
Players may choose to use either a BBCOR Certified or Wood/Wood Composite Bats

Pre-game Meeting
Head coaches must attend the pre-game meeting to discuss sportsmanship, ground rules, exchange line-ups, review home-away team, and establish the “official start time” for the game

Home team will be determined by a coin flip at plate meeting

Home team will be the higher seeded team

Official Game
Five (5) innings will constitute an official game –or– four and one half (4 ½) innings if the home team is winning.

Games called due to the time limit are considered an official game regardless of the number of innings that are completed.

Games stopped for any reason (weather, lightning, darkness, emergency injury, etc.) before the game is official, will be suspended and resumed, if possible, from the point of the stoppage a time scheduled by the Tournament Director.  In the event that no feasible time can be established, the Tournament Field Director will deem the game complete at the end of the last fully completed inning and the team that is winning at that point will be the winner.

Time Limits
All games will be 7 innings or a 1 hour and 50-minute time limit [FINISH THE INNING]. No new inning will be started after the time limit has expired. The official game start time will be noted at the home plate meeting with the umpire and head coaches. Teams are expected to hustle on and off the field at all times to keep the games moving. 

No protests will be allowed.  The umpire possesses complete control over the game and all decisions made on the field during play by the umpire will be deemed final.  The only exception will be to protest the use of an ineligible player outlined below.

Player Eligibility
All players should have either just finished their senior year of high school or have high school eligibility remaining.

Rosters / Team Insurance
ROSTERS: Teams MUST submit rosters using the template emailed to all coaches. In addition teams are encouraged to bring copies of their rosters to hand out to any college coaches in attendance. Rosters should follow the template that is emailed.

INSURANCE: Team are required to carry its own insurance and should ensure that:
        717 Tourneys, 865 Ripple Drive, Hanover, PA 17331
is listed as an ‘Additional Insured’ on their certificate. A copy of this certificate will need to be submitted to the Tournament Director before playing your first game.

Inclement Weather Policy
The following scenarios will apply to refunds should weather impact the tournament:
     (0) Games Played = 100% Credit
     (1) Game Played = 50% Credit
     (2) Games Played = 25% Credit

Team Cancellation Policy
A $150.00 fee will be charged to any team that withdraws more 30 days from the Tournament start date. There will be no refunds for any cancellations within 30 days of the Tournament start date. 

Game Results Reporting
Immediately following the completion of each game, each coach should verity with the Tournament Director the Game Summary: Winning/Losing Team, Final Score.

Game results & brackets will be posted using Tourney Machine.

Two (2) umpires will be scheduled for all games, whenever possible. In the event of an umpire shortage or an emergency, games may be played with only 1 umpire. 

All umpire fees are included in your registration fee.

A Championship Banners will be awarded to the winning team.

First Aid
Each team is required to carry a first aid kit at all times. 

The tournament will provide new baseballs for each game. Each team is required to have 1 (one) used baseball in good shape to serve as back up if needed. In the event of wet weather, teams should bring towels to dry baseballs while their team is playing defense

Mercy Rule
Games may end early do to the mercy rule.
   12 runs after 3 innings 10 runs after 4 innings

The Mercy Rule is in effect for all games including the Championship Game. 

Length of Game
All games are 7 innings -or- 1:50 time limit [NO NEW INNING WILL START ONCE TIME EXPIRES]

Forfeited Games
The final score of any forfeited games will be recorded as 1-0.

Game Format/Tie Breaker Criteria
The tournament format will be based on the number of registered teams in each division.  All teams will be guaranteed 3 games (weather permitting) in all formats. 

The following criteria will be used for tie breakers:

1.  Win-Loss Record
2.  Head to Head (when 2 teams are tied and played each other)
3.  Total runs allowed
4.  Run differential for all games 
5.  Blind Draw                                                          

Courtesy Runners
Courtesy runners are allowed for pitcher and catcher of record at any time. When batting the lineup, teams must use the player that made the last batted out. Otherwise, any legal substitute left in the game.

Intentional Delays
Intentional delaying a game to achieve victory through time limit is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and will not be tolerated.  The umpire and/or Tournament Field Director reserve the right to eject a coach or player for intentionally delaying a game and have the discretion to declare a forfeit against the offending team.

Official Start Time & Ready Play
OFFICIAL START TIME will begin at the conclusion of the home plate meeting between the umpires and head coaches. At that time, a team must start the game with 9 players. Should a team not have 9 players at the Official Start Time, the game will be declared a forfeit. 

** There is no 15 minute grace period. 

Teams need to be on site and ready to begin play a minimum of 45 minutes before their scheduled start time. In the event games finish early, we will begin subsequent games early.

Any player or coach that is ejected for a game will not be able to play in the following game even if it is a championship game.

Pitching Rules
No Pitching Limits placed on pitchers

PITCHER RE-ENTRY: Any pitcher who is removed from a game and replaced by another pitcher, is ineligible to return pitch for the remainder of that game, regardless of how many innings or pitches they have thrown. They would be eligible to play other positions, but not as pitcher.

Leading / Stealing / Bunting / Slash Bunting / Infield Fly / Dropped 3rd Strikes / Balks / Catcher’s Equipment
Will follow NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) unless otherwise noted

  * Catchers may wear either a 1-piece (Hockey Style) or 2-piece catchers mask, as long as it meets NOCSAE safety standards

Defense / Defensive Substitutions
There will be free defensive substitutions throughout the entire game, regardless if a player is in the batting lineup.  Defensive players are in no way tied to the batting lineup.

Batting Lineup
Teams may bat anywhere from 9 to the entire roster.  The batting lineup is locked at the conclusion of the pre-game meeting. Any player not in the starting batting lineup may bat for another player in the starting batting lineup. However, once the substitution occurs, these two players are then locked into the same spot in the batting lineup and MAY NOT bat in any other spot. Either player may bat in this spot of the order for the duration of the game.

Mound Visits
Coaches will be allowed (2) mound visits per game,.
At the 3rd mound visit and each one thereafter, a pitching change must be made

In the event a game is tied after the 1:50 time limit, each 1⁄2 inning will start with the bases loaded (using the last three batters in the batting lineup from the previous inning) and there will be 1 out. This will continue until a winner is decided. 

Any rule question that arises during an event that is not specifically covered in these rules, the on-site tournament director will have the final authority on said rule and that rule will remain in effect for the reminder of the tournament.